Reading One book is like eating one potato chip.Diane Duane

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Our Vision

To understand the elements of the text an navigate by connecting and predicting the text by knowing the characters by creating mind pictures and identifying the big ideas especially helps to select the books of his/ her choice.


A child’s success in school and throughout life depends in large part on the ability to read. We as an educator have the thoughtful challenge of making reading a reality for all children. The demands of the information age require that people be competent readers and writers if they are to participate and thrive in society.

Our Mission

For a Child Reading Fluently is important Process because it bridges between word recognition and allows childs time to focus on,what the text is saying .A fluent readers recognize words automatically,without struggling over decoding issues.

About Managing Director

Parimala B J

Reading success is the foundation for achievement for our future. There is a significant window of opportunity when we catch them early from the ages of four to seven for children to learn to read. Research on early reading difficulties is very clear: children who continue to experience reading difficulties in Grade 3 seldom catch up. It makes sense to detect problems early in order to avoid the difficulty later. Through Vruksh Reading Classes we aim at the “Fluency- Comprehension and Motivation”. We encourage the kids to read fluently and comprehend, apply and communicate their knowledge and skills in new contexts. We enable them to become a motivated and an voracious reader.

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The greatest gift is a passion for reading.

Elizabeth Hardwick

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